Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have a cheating clause in their pre-nup

The recent celebrated marriage between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie is making headlines again with revelations about their pre-nup. A cheating clause has been included in the pre-nup between Pitt and Jolie reports Inquisitr on Sept. 11, 2014. There is a powerful clause in their pre-nuptial agreement stating if one of them cheats on the other that party will have to pay a large sum.

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News of an adultery clause in their prenuptial agreement clearly means although Pitt and Jolie appear to be very much in love now they don’t want to take any chances in the future. It has been rumored the inclusion of the pre-nup clause was largely influenced by their lawyers in order to protect their assets.

If Pitt cheats with another woman and the couple splits up apparently Jolie will get primary custody of their six kids. Furthermore, if their marriage fails the assets that they brought separately into their family will be returned to that person. The money and other possessions which they have earned while married will be put placed a trust and evenly divided among their six children.

Mstars news reports Pitt and Jolie are estimated to be worth a combined $425 million. Prior to their marriage Goldie Schon, an expert in family law, said it was highly unlikely the couple would not have a pre-nup. With the kind of wealth and stature they each have Schon was right in anticipating they would want to protect their assets from any marital problems which could occur in the future. Maybe Pitt and Jolie will have the peace of mind needed to now find some time to enjoy their newly married life and their family together. In this marriage it’s hard to say if Pitt or Jolie is the one with the most luck.

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