Owners Report That the iPhone 6 Plus Is Susceptible to Bending

Owners Report That the iPhone 6 Plus Is Susceptible to Bending

This story has been updated.

Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus appears to have a hidden feature, though it’s one you might not want to test out. According to a report by MacRumors, Apple’s latest smartphones are susceptible to bending out of shape if kept in your pocket for too long.

MacRumors’ report is based on posts by two of its forum members. The first forum member, Hanzoh, said that he kept his iPhone 6 Plus in his front pants pocket for about 18 hours.

During that time, he said, he drove to a wedding, danced, and sat down for varying periods. Later, when he took his iPhone out of his pocket, he noticed that it had a slight bend at its midsection.

Bent iPhone 6 Plus(HanzohMacRumors)

A second MacRumors forum member, DevinPitcher, claimed that his friend’s iPhone 6 Plus bent after his friend put it in his pocket and got into his car. Both Hanzoh and DevinPitcher provided photos of their iPhone 6 Pluses to back up their claims.

As MacRumors points out, past forum members have seen similar problems with the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s. Those owners reportedly received replacements for their bent handsets from either Apple or their carriers.

That the iPhone 6 Plus is capable of bending isn’t out of the realm of possibility. The phone is not only Apple’s largest, but it’s also one of its thinnest.

In fact, Lewis Hilsenteger over at Unbox Therapy tried bending his iPhone 6 Plus after reading reports of its flexibility, and managed to put quite the kink in the handset. Though, it took a good amount of force for him to see any results.

Interestingly, Hilsenteger said in his video that he was putting pressure on the center of the iPhone, but it bent closer to the top near its volume keys. That’s also the same area where both of the MacRumors forum members saw their iPhones bend.

All of that is to say, it’s easy to imagine that an iPhone 6 Plus could be bent when an owner bends to sit down with the phone in his pocket.

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Rumor Roundup (Sept. 23, 2014): Sting, Austin Aries, Cesaro and the future of the Bellas

Speculating on the rumors surrounding pro wrestling is a favored pastime of many fans, perhaps second only to actually watching the matches. In this daily column, we take a look at the latest rumors being churned out by the pro wrestling rumor mill.

Important reminder: Rumors are just that — rumors. None of this has been confirmed as legitimate news or fact, it’s just circulating around the pro wrestling rumor mill. Remember, take it all with a grain of salt.

Rumors for the Day:

  • You know that guy, the one from WCW with the face paint?  Sorry, everybody, but with him in the news around yesterday’s 2K15 video game announcement and press conference, The Wrestling Observer and others updated his status with WWE…to say there’s no update.  Merch and video game deal in place, but nothing else.  The Best of Sting DVD release coming out today doesn’t include new interviews with him, and nothing is set-up for an in-ring debut.  WWE is still said to be confident they’ll have him signed for something at WrestleMania 31.
  • Baron Corbin, seen prominently squashing CJ Parker at the last Takeover live special and on last week’s NXT, is supposedly in line for a big push.  He’s been working longer matches at house shows, and been let loose on social media to build his character there for a larger role on the WWE Network show.
  • Rumors of WWE versus the audience continued at Night of Champions.  This time, it was apparently pro-Cesaro signs that were confiscated.  A report floating around says the the guy facing the hard camera side in an El Generico mask handed out “King of Wrestling” signs, and WWE officials took them from fans.  They’re said to have responded to inquires about why folks couldn’t have the signs by saying “you don’t need to know.”  Let the conspiracy theories about Cesaro continue.
  • The Greatest Man That Ever Lived, Austin Aries, may be the latest person out the door at TNA.  As we mentioned yesterday with Gail Kim, A-Double’s contract is up soon and he may not be re-signed, probably because he costs too much and/or can make more money getting his own bookings on the circuit.  He announced recently that he’ll be working the House of Hardcore show on November 15th, but that doesn’t mean he’s leaving the TNA fold, as that’s Tommy Dreamer’s promotion, and Dreamer has been very much in the fold of Dixie Carter’s company over the past year-plus.
  • Nikki Bella’s request that she be called “THE Nikki Bella” and asking why her twin sister didn’t take the Bryan surname on last night’s Raw may be a set-up for Brie to drop the “Bella” and just go with one name.  This, along with her new music, is seen as a means to getting them both over as singles performers.  Maybe somebody should give them individual social media accounts while they’re at it…

If you have heard of any interesting rumors that you’d like to add, feel free to post them in the comments section below. Just remember they are rumors and not confirmed as fact, so please take them as such. Have fun with it.

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Jennifer Lopez Takes The Stage In A Sheer Bodysuit

The 45-year-old superstar performed hits like “Jenny From the Block” and “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” for a crowd of 60,000 at the Padang, according to Yahoo! Sports Singapore. Lopez wore an array of sheer costumes, including a fringed bodysuit and a white, belted number.

She took to Twitter to thank the audience:

jennifer lopez

jennifer lopez

jennifer lopez

jennifer lopez

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Bad, Bad Girl! Stephanie Beaudoin, ‘World’s Sexiest Crook’ Facing 114 Charges, Creates Online Frenzy

Stephanie Beaudoin sexiest crook
Stephanie Beaudoin is a 21-year-old nursing student from Canada who faces charges of going on a massive crime spree, in which she and three teenage partners in crime allegedly broke into and burglarized 42 different homes. Authorities in Quebec are bringing in psychiatrists to evaluate why a young women who would seem to have so many advantages became a compulsive criminal.

But instead of condemning her — as the internet often does very easily — social media users have fallen in love with Stephanie. Or, well, maybe “love” isn’t exactly the right word.

What’s got the Twitter-verse buzzing is an online photo of Stephanie Beaudoin dug up by a tabloid newspaper, Le Journal de Montréal. Take a look at the photo to see why Stephanie has become an internet sensation all of a sudden despite, or perhaps because of, her prolific string of crimes.

The response from other Twitter users has been, to be honest, pretty much what you’d expect.“Stephanie Beaudoin can steal my heart any day,” said one.

“Move over Jeremy Meeks!” declared Twitter user mmnjug, referring to “mug shot guy,” Meeks, of course, is the alleged gang member whose chiseled features and blue eyes turned his arrest photograph into a viral sensation earlier this year.

Another Twitter user, presumably male, actually posted his home address, inviting Stephanie Beaudoin to break into his house whenever she wanted — even revealing where he would leave an extra house key. “Under the plant pot,” for anyone wondering.

Of course, Stephanie and her juvenile — and therefore unidentified — accomplices probably won’t be breaking into that man’s house, or anyone’s house, anytime soon. As of last week, the “world’s sexiest crook” faced 114 charges related to the 42 break-ins prosecutor say she committed and masterminded.

In addition to breaking and entering charges, she is also charged with receiving stolen goods and even gun charges. According to the charges, Stephanie Beaudoin and her co-conspirators, one of them only 13-years-old, in addition to a 15-year-old and a 17-year-old, broke into homes through basement windows or back doors in the Quebec municipalities of Maple and Arthabaska.

There have been several other pictures of Stephanie posted on Twitter recently, however, proving perhaps that it’s much more difficult to look hot and sexy when you’re under arrest.

The next court date for the alleged “world’s sexiest crook” Stephanie Beaudoin is set for November 17.

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The US just started bombing Syria. This Syrian man is live-tweeting the strikes as they hit.

The US is now launching its first-ever air strikes in Syria against the terrorist group ISIS, the Pentagon announced at about 9:30 pm EST, revealing that the US military is “using a mix of fighter, bomber, and Tomahawk Land Attack Missiles” along with the air forces of Middle Eastern allies.

But the news was actually broken 30 minutes earlier by a Syrian Twitter user in the city of Raqqa, where ISIS has its headquarters, who heard the strikes and speculated — correctly, it turned out — that this was the beginning of the American air campaign. The Twitter user, named Abdulkader Hariri, posted that “massive” explosions had rocked ISIS headquarters, and that the skies were full of war planes and drones. Here are his tweets, which are chilling to read:

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Charlie Stevens born in Huntsville Alabama

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How to Talk to Your Parents About Tech

How to Talk to Your Parents About Tech(Thinkstock)

Last month we got a visit from my 85-year-old mother-in-law, Ena. To commemorate the occasion, she had us all pose for a group selfie she took with her Kindle Fire tablet.

Ena is also pretty Net savvy. When she got into a dispute with a car mechanic whom she believed was trying to cheat her, Ena posted a scathing online review of his company. The next day he called her to apologize.

“He thought he was dealing with some old doddering woman,” she wrote in an email. “He forgot we are all a bit more savvy than him in some respects.”

Read more: How to Keep an Eye on Your Aging Parents Without Annoying the Crap Out of Them

But Ena isn’t your typical 85-year-old. According to the Pew Internet Research Project, more than three-quarters of Americans age 65-plus carry cellphones, and six out of 10 are online. That’s not bad, but it still falls far short of averages for all adults (91 and 86 percent, respectively). And of Americans over 80, nearly two-thirds are on the wrong side of the digital divide.

That’s a shame. Technology can help your aging relatives live fuller, more independent lives for far longer.

But only if you persuade them to use it. And that’s not always easy.

Age against the machine
As you grow older, using a computer or a smartphone might not be so easy. Screens are hard to read; typing is difficult. Even operating a mouse can be challenging at first.

“People underestimate the dexterity required for a double-click or the nuances of swiping and tapping,” says Brenda Rusnak, producer of the documentary Cyber-Seniors. “Then there’s the knowledge gap. We take the meaning of words like ‘icon’ for granted. Seniors want to know what an icon is and why it’s called that.”

In Cyber-Seniors, teen mentors help residents of an assisted living facility in Toronto create Facebook accounts, record YouTube videos, play Minecraft, learn the meaning of acronyms like BFF, and fill out dating site profiles. Watching the seniors open up to what technology has to offer is utterly charming.


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WATCH: First Australian to Snag an iPhone 6 Immediately Drops It on the Pavement

Thanks to its global geographic position, Australia became the first country to get its hands on the new iPhone 6. Unfortunately, it also means that an Australian, known only as “some bloke called Jack,” has become the first person to officially drop the latest Apple smartphone onto concrete.

As the first person to leave the Perth Apple Store with an iPhone 6 in hand, he was hounded by the local media who had come to cover the event. When he attempted to open the iPhone’s box, the handset flipped out of its container and bounced on the pavement, provoking a huge reaction from the crowd and for the reporter to double over laughing.

It’s unclear how much damage the phone sustained, as “Jack” scooped it up immediately, put it back in the box, and tried to change the subject.

WATCH: First Australian to Snag an iPhone 6 Immediately Drops It on the Pavement

WATCH: First Australian to Snag an iPhone 6 Immediately Drops It on the Pavement

As embarrassing as the video will be for Jack, it is also instructive for other would-be iPhone owners. The packaging is very snug, so better wait until you’re home and the box is sitting on the table before trying to open it.

Jack isn’t the first person to break the new iPhone — iFixit, the online gadget analysis and repair site, has torn down the new phablet-sized iPhone 6 Plus to see what’s inside and find out how easy it would be to repair if, like Jack, you’ve managed to drop it on concrete. Jack will be happy to learn that the latest-generation Apple smartphone is also the easiest to repair, especially when it comes to replacing the screen, and that most of the internal space is taken up by a monster battery.


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iPhone vs. Android

With the iPhone 6, Apple has yet again broken new sales records — and the two iPhone models aren’t even in stores until Friday.

Such consumer loyalty and fanaticism spurs a lot of questions. Like, just how faithful are Apple users? Do other companies come close? And where are all these smartphone customers, anyway?

Let’s take a look at the charts.

First, an overview of smartphone customers in the U.S.:

By the Numbers: iPhone vs. Android(Template by Ashley Inzer. Thanks to Jessica Davidson, Yahoo senior analyst; B2B Insights; and Carolyn Clark, Yahoo senior manager, Corporate Communications, for their assistance.)

OS muscle
As Android users like to point out, their platform dominates the mobile OS market. This Nielsen chart backs them up:

During Q2 2014, 43% of U.S. smartphone owners who own a device by these manufacturers own an Apple iPhone.

Nobody owns all the Android market
But with Apple having a lock on its own mobile operating system, iOS, it dominates among brands.

During Q2 2014, 52% of U.S. smartphone owners used a handset that runs on the Android operating system.

Brand retention
It also appears that Apple is going to hold on to that brand loyalty. In a WDS study of U.S., UK, and Australia markets, Apple commands the kind of upgrade loyalty that other brands can only envy. Apple smartphone users are just much more likely to buy another iPhone:


Rub-a-dub-dub, smartphone in the tub
There are just a few more factoids we couldn’t resist throwing in, which have nothing to do with Apple vs. Android (as far as we know). As we measure how smartphones are changing behavior, finding where we indulge in our pleasures can also be insightful.

One Nielsen study drilled down smartphone social media usage not just to cities, but to places like cars, offices, restaurants and even thelavatory. A new generation is using the water closet while checking up on their connections. But what about Uncle John?



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