You Can Loose BodyFat And Build Muscle At The Same Time, Without Using Anabolic Steroids


You Can Lose BodyFat And Build Muscle At The Same Time, Without Using Anabolic Steroids. How?

There is a way and I’m going to reveal how in a minute. And this isn’t marketing hype — it’s a fact because it’s produced several NATURAL body building champions.

But before I take the cat out of the bag, I want to rip 3 commons myths to shred. It will help you understand how you CAN get ripped and jacked at the same time.

If You Want To Build Lean Muscle And Burn Stubborn Bodyfat Simultaneously


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    Mistake #1:

    Lifting Heavy Is The Best Way To Build Muscle

    One of the biggest myths of them all is what’s known as “Heavy Duty” training.

    The marketers behind this gimmick want you to believe that “1 set to failure works”. This goes totally against the science of training.

    It’s just a nice gimmick for people who want to train put half-an-hour a week and get results.

    Personally, I started to notice was that the same old, “add weight and you get stronger and you’ll get bigger approach” stopped working for me.

    A lot of my people just HIT THE WALL with that approach.

  • Fat-Burning,Muscle-Building
    Mistake #2:

    Doing Cardio Is The Best Way To Burn Fat

    Here’s a new discovery that will shock you: doing cardio actually encourages your body to store and protect it’s fat reserves. And the more you do it, the worst it gets.

    Doing too much cardio can permanently ruin your metabolism. Sad but true. It’s called Metabolic Damage.

    Metabolic damage is when the fat burning metabolism STOPS WORKING.

    It’s the worst possible nightmare you can imagine. You’re going crazy on the treadmills, step-master and bicycle and yet — you’re not losing any weight anymore.

    And worse… you’ll destroy your precious lean muscle mass.

  • Fat-Burning,Muscle-Building
    Mistake #3:

    You have to cut carbs and eat cardboard to get ripped.

    Losing fat is simple: burn more calories than you eat.

    Everyone thinks the best way to do this… is to cut calories and carbs down to the bone.

    That’s actually the worst approach.

    The SMARTEST way to do it is to upgrade your fat burning metabolism. This means you’re burning more calories 24/7.

    Research has now revealed the best way (which I’ll share in a minute).

    With this new breakthrough — you’ll be eating MORE food and MORE carbs than you thought possible.

    And more importantly: you’ll be getting lean, cut and muscular.

Meet Coach Abel                                                1

Trainer Of Champions

Scott Abel is one of the top fitness and bodybuilding coaches in the world. He has trained over 400 champions in his illustrious career.

Scott himself reached the pinnacle of bodybuilding as he was 275 lbs at 6% body fat and would guest pose at professional competitions.

He’s also a prolific author and content creator writing over half a dozen books and creating several inspiring exercise DVD series.

Scott is the creator of the MET (Metabolic Enhancement Training) system. He is retired from bodybuilding and enjoys helping others.

Can you REALLY build lean muscle and melt bodyfat without doing cardio? That sounds almost too good to be true right?

What’s the REAL truth to getting a ripped 6 pack and looking big and jacked?

I’m Going To Reveal My Proven, Unique, Cutting-Edge Metabolic Enhancement Training That Melts Fat And Builds Lean Muscle Without Cardio.

My name is Scott Abel. I’m well known as “The Coaches Coach” with many top pros, athletes and insiders.

Some people consider me the most successful bodybuilding coach in the world. Because I’ve coached over 400 champions, professional athletes and magazine cover models. I’ve worked with everyone from: Ms. Olympia to Raw Natural Powerlifting Record Breakers.

ALL these champions had 1 thing in common, they made them ALL used my Metabolic Enhancement Training methodologies that I have been perfecting for the past 3 decades to reach amazing physique levels.

Plus: this system took my own physique to the pinnacle of human potential: 275 lbs at 6% bodyfat.IF

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