Joan Rivers Left $150 Million Legacy To Her Only Child, Care For Her Four Pooches Included In Her Will

Joan Rivers has reportedly left a legacy worth $150 million in total.

Before the untimely death of the iconic standup comedian, Rivers has made sure that her will is prepared exactly the way she liked it. As per the Mirror, the star has amassed most of her wealth from her jewelry and fashion line.

Comedian Joan Rivers leaves a will which also mentions her four pet dogs.File photo/REUTERS/LUCAS JACKSON

 s per the reports, most of Rivers’ wealth has come from her merchandise line known as QVC Enterprise including scarves, brooches and other apparels. It amounted to $1 billion worth of sales.

In her will, she predictably left her $35 million Upper East Side apartment to her only child Melissa and her grandson Cooper Rivers. The surprising twist is her will is that she penned down the name of her four dogs as beneficiaries.

She had two NYC rescue dogs and two other pet dogs tucked in her house in California. All these dogs are also mentioned in her will, which provided clear instructions about their care. As per Hollywood Life, her two NYC dogs stood by her side during her last days in the hospital.

Rivers’ love for dogs had always been apparent and popularly known. In an earlier exclusive interview given to Wall Street Journal, she had elaborated how much she adored her rescued pets. “Only when you love dogs very much do you let them sit on $300 per yard fabric”, she mentioned. “I’ve never been one of those Fifth Avenue ladies that have to have dogs that match. I am the Angelina Jolie of barkers,” Rivers added.

Joan Rivers slipped into coma while on her routine endoscopy procedure. She died after a week. At 81, the legendary comedian remained quite fit and active until her last day of visit to the endoscopy clinic.

Melissa Rivers, the 46-year-old daughter of the star remembered her iconic mother in a touching and hilarious eulogy read on her funeral event attended by celebrities like Kelly Osbourne, Whoopi Goldberg and Sarah Jessica Parker.

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Melissa is working on a book named ‘A Letter to My Mom’, which will be published by April next year.

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