See Paris Hilton’s (Seriously!) Tiny New Puppy

Paris Hilton, the woman who inspired the tiny dog in a handbag trend, has taken her love of small pups to a whole other level.

The hotel heiress, 33, has just added an exceptionally small (and exceptionally adorable!) white Pomeranian to her collection of more than a dozen pets. The 5-month-old furry guy — named Mr. Amazing by the breeder — was just 2-and-a-half inches long and sat 1.4 inches off the ground at the time his first photos were taken.

Paris purchased the pooch for what would be a pretty penny for most people from Betty’s Yorkies in Calgary, Canada. Joanne Pauze, who co-owns the business with her husband, made the deal with the former reality star.

“He was listed for $13,000,” Pauze told The Insider With Yahoo. “But because she’s Paris, I gave her a little bit of a discount, but she paid around that.”

.Paris embraces her new pet in this exclusive photo. (

Paris embraces her new pet in this exclusive photo. (

Paris, a noted animal lover, first contacted Pauze via Twitter inquiring about the smallest Pomeranian the breeder has ever seen. Eventually, the women made plans for the dog to fly to NYC and meet his new owner on Friday.

“I talked to [Paris] on the phone and she texted with me and she’s a really sweet person,” Pauze said. “She didn’t have an assistant, she dealt with me one on one and the nanny that’s delivering is delivering personally to her.

“She’s really the opposite of [how] everybody describes her, and I’m not just saying that because she’s my client.”

Unfortunately for fans of the dog’s name, it looks like the Mr. Amazing moniker is not what Hilton considers “hot.” On Thursday, she asked her Instagram followers for name suggestions.

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